• Is it safe to use recycled materials?

    All the materials we use are REACH and RoHS compliant. Meaning that we know what the material is made of and where it comes from.
  • Why are you using cardboard spools?

    We’re all about recycling. That’s why our spools are recycled as well. They’re made of 100% recyclable cardboard and can be recycled again when you’ve used up your refilament.
  • What is the processing temperature?

    For our dashboard black refilament it’s around 240ºC and we advise a platform temperature around 90 ºC. Our PET bottle refilament prints best around 230 ºC and at a platform temperature around 70ºC.
  • What is the (exact) diameter of refilament?

    Our 2,85 mm diameter refilament has a maximum tolerance of ±0,1mm and our 1,75 mm refilament has a tolerance of ±0,05 mm.
  • When will my order be delivered?

    If it’s shipped within the Netherlands, we aim to process your order within one day (during working days).
  • Can I become a refilament reseller?

    Yes, this is possible. Just send your request to info@refil.nl
  • Do you deliver to schools and universities?

    Of course we do! We encourage educational institutes to train the new generation of makers to be more sustainable. Therefore we offer a standard discount of 10% to schools and universities which can go up to 25%.
  • Are you working on new materials?

    Yes, we are! We’re constantly scouting for new waste streams to convert into refilament. Subscribe to our newsletter and be the first to know when we’re launching a new material.
  • Is your webshop the only place where I can get refilament?

    No, there are several resellers around the world offering Refil
  • How do I pay in your webshop?

    Our webshop offers transactions via Ideal, creditcard and bank transfer. All payments are securely processed by MultiSafePay. We are currently working on payments via PayPal as well. For ordering large quantities (>40) please send an email to info@refil.nl
  • How many bottles does it take to make one spool of your PET filament?

    A plastic bottle weighs around 35 gram. The bottle to filament ratio it close to 1:1, you'll lose small percentage at the start of a new color or material. So our 750 gram spools contain roughly 22 bottles.
  • Where can we buy your recycling machine?

    The machine you'll see in the movie is not the actual machine we use for production. This small machine is made for education and marketing purposes. It’s available via www.perpetualplastic.com. Our actual production is done in collaboration with various partners for collecting and processing. All partners are within a 150 km radius to minimise our co2 footprint.
  • Is your material dishwasher safe?

    Prints with our filaments hold up in a mild dishwasher program, up to 60 degrees Celsius. With higher temperatures the material will start to deform. PET can withstand cleaning detergents.
  • Are you interested in our plastic waste to make new filament?

    We love the fact we get offered waste sources for new filament lines. At the moment we're researching various new materials and we have temporarily stop for new materials.
  • Can I send my discarded 3d prints for recycling?

    Recycling 3D prints would be ideal and we’ve looked into the possibilities and have done trials. Unfortunately, it’s not efficient enough right now. The carbon footprint of sending small quantities of failed 3d prints outweighs the recycling wins. We also experienced problems with mixed plastics of the returned prints. If you have any ideas on how to solve these issues, we are open for your input!
  • Is refilament suited for any 3D printer?

    Our filament works with any FDM printer suited for 1,75mm or 2,85 mm diameter filament. The ABS filament requires a printer with a heated print bed, we also recommend this for big objects when printing with PET.
  • I can’t find my country on the list of shipping countries in the webshop. How do I proceed?

    Please send an email to info@refil.nl. We’ll look into the possibilities of adding your country to our list of shipping countries.
  • Do you ship to the USA?

    Yes, shipping to the USA is now enabled in our shop..
  • Who built this awesome website?

    The guys from the Zolderkamercollectief

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