Recycled ABS filament from car dashboards

Refil ABS filament is 100% recycled and made from car dashboards, door panels and other plastic car parts. After three years of fine tuning, we are proud to say that the quality of our recycled 3D printing ABS filament is just as good as that of other premium brands. The ABS filament has a matte finish and since we don’t add any toxic dyes, each spool has its own unique shine.

Waste Source Car Dashboard
Material ABS
Netto Weight 750 gr.
Printing Temperature (advised) 220-240C
Platform Temperature (advised) 90-110C
Printing Speed (advised) 15-150 mm/s
Package Size 215x205x65 mm
Package Weight 1 kg

Why are you using cardboard spools?
Why is the color of my refilament slightly different each time I order?
Is it safe to use recycled materials?