Recycled PET filament

Refil recycled PET filament is made from old PET bottles. We’re proud to say it’s up to 90% recycled! After extensive testing and optimising we have created a premium quality recycled filament. The semi transparent filament spools have an extremely unique translucent colour that’s directly based on the bottles we recycled in its batch. The transparent filament is based on purely transparent bottles.

Waste Source Drinking Bottles
Material PET
Netto Weight 750 gr.
Printing Temperature (advised) 220-250C
Platform Temperature (advised) 50-70C
Printing Speed (advised) 40-70 mm/s
Package Size 215x205x65 mm
Package Weight 1 kg

Why are you using cardboard spools?
Why is the color of my refilament slightly different each time I order?
Is it safe to use recycled materials?
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