Rescued PLA filament - five roll combi pack

Rescued PLA filament - five roll combi pack

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At Refil, we believe plastic should never go to waste. That’s why we turn old plastics in high quality filaments. So we could not believe it when we got the tip that 2561 spools were waiting to be discarded and burned. TO THE RESCUE! We took our batmobile (Citroën XM 1998) and rescued them from the flames. We checked them, dried them, checked again and besides some small differences in weight and off spec colors differences this material is good to go. So we offer you the Rescued Series, perfect PLA for a good price. Limited edition only! This combi pack contains five of our most popular colors - silver, gold, magenta, orange and blue - at a discount!


Waste Source Rescued
Material PLA
Netto Weight 750 gr.
Printing Temperature (advised) 190-215C
Platform Temperature (advised) 50-70C
Printing Speed (advised) 30-60 mm/s
Package Size 215x205x330 mm
Package Weight 5.5 kg


  • Where did you get Rescued PLA from?

    We signed a lot of paperwork not to tell you, but it was 22 meters from the incinerator when we picked it up.
  • Are you getting more of this material?

    Maybe. Maybe not. Be quick.
  • The PLA, is it still good??

    Short: Yes. Long : Yes. All the rolls were checked and our 3D print expert Tim tested a substantial amount of rolls on printability and mechanical qualities. We spent a lot of our effort on testing, being sure we could offer a high quality product.
  • Are you guys getting rich from this find?

    We might upgrade our Citroën XM out of 1998 to a Citroën Xantia from 2004. We had to pay for the plastic, transport, testing, drying, sealing and repackaging. I think we can call this a hippie thing.
  • I found 2 roles near my fireplace, can I call you?

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