Sample Pack

Sample Pack

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Test our different recycled materials with our sample pack. It contains two PET bundles (transparent, blue or green), 1 sample of black ABS, 1 sample of white HiPs and 1 sample of white PLA. Each sample is 50 gr.

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Our recycled PET filament is made from old PET bottles, the ABS is made from car dashboards, HiPs from refrigerator insides and PLA from food packaging. After extensive testing and optimizing we have created a premium quality recycled filament. The PET is strong, flexible and almost no warping during printing. Furthermore it's a very clean plastic, meaning that it's food contact acceptable (FCA) and you won't have any smell during printing. Our ABS is of premium quality and prints very neat (featured on Make). HiPs has a natural look, comparable to ceramics and is easily glued or painted. PLA is very easy to print with, leading to high success rates for experienced and novice users alike .



Waste Source Drinking Bottles
Material PET
Netto Weight 4x 50gr.
Printing Temperature (advised) PET: 200-230C ABS: 230-260C
Platform Temperature (advised) PET: 30-70C ABS: 70-110C
Printing Speed (advised) 15 - 150 mm/s
Package Size No
Package Weight 250 gr


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